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2022 Nike Dunk Low “Vintage Navy” White/Midnight Navy Lifestyle Shoe DD1503-115

Nike SB Dunk hasn’t said the last words yet! Especially in the past two years, Nike’s old basketball shoes are still a topic of great concern to equipment manufacturers and designers. They also concocted a very attractive plan for 2022, in which a new variant of Peter Moore’s classic style will certainly attract the attention of many sneaker lovers. Among these novel products that are especially looking forward to early next year, some versions have a subtle retro look that we like. This is the case with Nike Dunk Low “Vintage Navy”. Recently unveiled on social networks, the pair is now official and should integrate the brand’s catalog on Swoosh before the end of winter.
New Jordan 2020, Realizing that simple things are often the best, Peter Moore’s successors are betting on a dress with nothing revolutionary at the bottom. On the other hand, in terms of form, it is super efficient! Just like Nike Dunk Low ”Vintage Green”, this pair of shoes aims to bring us straight back to the 1980s, when the model was launched on college basketball courts, and its color complemented its name. We actually found that these famous off-white notes give the midsole the most beautiful effect with a deliberately distressed look. The latter replicates an upper that rotates around a white leather base and is enhanced by a navy blue overlay. The same is true for the lining and outsole, enhancing the 1985 design.
Retro Jordan 2021, When Nike SB Ishod first retails, the shoe will use a small number of colors. Among them, the white pair is the most fascinating pair, and its palette is relatively similar to the UNC signature. There are two shades of white alternately appearing on the entire stem. The suede leather is treated with the border between cream and gray, while the lace unit, collar and central panel have chosen a more realistic form of expression. Despite the differences, both help to accentuate the clear blue above, which comes in the form of zigzag stitches, miniature Swooshes, and “ISHOD” text. In addition, cool colors accentuate the inside and outside of the heel.

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