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AWK command for all purpose

This is for tab-delimited CSV file where we have added header and filter the data like for 24th column should have 1000 value and 20th column should have less than value 2 and instead of column 1 displaying different data we display the static content which is “Test Col” and we added else condition too if we need to display the 2nd column different but static according to condition

awk ‘BEGIN {print “Name”, “Gender”, “Firstname”, “Lastname”, “Date Start”, “Date End”, “Duration in Sec”}1 {FS=”\t”}; {if ($24 == 1000 && $20 < 2 )print “Test Col”, “Dummy A”, $2, $3, $14, $16, $33 ; else if ($24 == 1000 && $20 > 1 )print “Test Col”, “Dummy B”, $2, $3, $14, $16, $33 ;}’ ori_file.csv >> mod_file.csv




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