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How to install Asterisk 18 LTS on CentOS 8

How to install Asterisk 18 LTS on CentOS 8

Asterisk is an open-source PBX software. It is used to manage SIP sessions between endpoints. Asterisk is a very powerful server that can be used to implement PBX, IVRs, VoIP gateways, and many more features. It supports many VoIP protocols ...

AWK command for all purpose

This is for tab-delimited CSV file where we have added header and filter the data like for 24th column should have 1000 value and 20th column should have less than value 2 and instead of column 1 displaying different data ...

Grep the load average with top

#!/bin/sh VAR1=$(uptime | awk -F’ *,? *’ ‘{print $(NF-2)}’ | awk ‘$1 >= 10 {print $1}’) if [ $VAR1 ] then top -b -n 1 | head -20 > /script/topresult/`date +’%d-%m-%Y_%H-%M-%S’`__file.txt fi

Generate DKIM, SPF and DMARC

Step 1. Modify DKIM generator a. Edit (as root) script file /opt/zimbra/libexec/zmdkimkeyutil and replace all ‘2048’ occurrences with ‘1024’. This will allow creation of DKIM key with length 1024 and set it as default value. nano /opt/zimbra/libexec/zmdkimkeyutil replace all 3 ...

Vicidial Clustering with webRTC in Centos 6

VERSION: 2.14-772a BUILD: 201004-1045 © 2020 ViciDial Group Asterisk 13.21.0 Centos 6.10 We have db-web Server AND Proxy Server In db-web Server (Vici Admin Interface) go to Admin -> Templates -> Add New -> webRTC template configuration below type=friend host=dynamic ...

PJSIP Configuration Examples

Below are some sample configurations to demonstrate various scenarios with complete pjsip.conf files. To see examples side by side with old chan_sip config head to Migrating from chan_sip to res_pjsip. Explanations of the config sections found in each example can be ...

sending eMail via OTRS RPC.PL – (SOAP and PHP)

function create_ticket($mail_sub,$mail_to,$mail_from,$otrs_ticket_nr,$mail_body,$mail_disposition,$src) { $url = “http://FQDN/otrs/”; $username = “REPLACE_USER”; $password = “REPLACE_PWD”; $title = $mail_sub; $from = $mail_from; $email1 = $mail_to; $body = $mail_body; $mail_disposition = $mail_disposition; global $num; global $name; echo $name.”-“.$num; # Set up a new SOAP connection: ...

Install sngrep in centos 7 from yum package

Installing SNGREP in centos 7 : First of all, add the irontec repository to centos Repos. Create file named sngrep.repo  in /etc/yum.repos.d folder and add the following repository. 1 vim/etc/yum.repos.d/sngrep.repo Now add the following repository. 1 2 3 [irontec] name=Irontec RPMs repository baseurl=$releasever/$basearch/ Then ...

How to enable realtime voice messages in Asterisk?

Introduction This is blog is to introduce realtime voice messages in your existing Asterisk setup. The main benefits of using realtime voice messages is as following: Easy management of voice messages and voicemail greetings from centralized location i.e. database. If ...