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sending eMail via OTRS RPC.PL – (SOAP and PHP)

function create_ticket($mail_sub,$mail_to,$mail_from,$otrs_ticket_nr,$mail_body,$mail_disposition,$src) {
$url = “http://FQDN/otrs/”;
$username = “REPLACE_USER”;
$password = “REPLACE_PWD”;
$title = $mail_sub;
$from = $mail_from;
$email1 = $mail_to;
$body = $mail_body;
$mail_disposition = $mail_disposition;
global $num;
global $name;
echo $name.”-“.$num;
# Set up a new SOAP connection:
$client = new SoapClient(null, array(
‘location’ => $url,
‘uri’ => “Core”,
‘trace’ => 1,
‘login’ => $username,
‘password’ => $password,
‘style’ => SOAP_RPC,
‘use’ => SOAP_ENCODED)

# Create a new ticket. The function returns the Ticket ID.

# var_dump($client->__getFunctions());
if(empty($otrs_ticket_nr)) {

# creating a ticket number

$ticketnr = $client->__soapCall(“Dispatch”,
array($username, $password, “TicketObject”, “TicketCreateNumber”));
if(! is_string($ticketnr) )
echo $ticketnr = number_format($ticketnr,0, ‘.’, ”);

$TicketID= $client->__soapCall(“Dispatch”,
array($username, $password,
“TicketObject”, “TicketCreate”,
“TN”, $ticketnr,
“Title”, $title,
“Queue”, “Raw”,
“Lock” , “unlock”,
“PriorityID”, 3,
“State” , “new”,
“CustomerID”, $from,
“CustomerUser”, $from,
“OwnerID”, 1,
“UserID”, 1
$dynfield = $client->__soapCall(“Dispatch”, array($username, $password,
“DynamicField”, “DynamicFieldGet”,
“Name”, ‘Source’));
$result = $client->__soapCall(“Dispatch”, array($username, $password,
“TicketDynamicObject”, “ValueSet”,
“FieldID”, $dynfield->ID,
“ObjectID”, $TicketID,
“Value”, array(“0” => array(“ValueText” => ‘test’)),
“UserID”, 1,

$ArticleID = $client->__soapCall(“Dispatch”,
array($username, $password,
“TicketObject”, “ArticleSend”,
“TicketID”, $TicketID,
“ArticleType”, “email-external”,
“SenderType”, “customer”,
“From”, $from,
“To”, $email1,
“Subject” , ‘[Ticket#’.$ticketnr.’] ‘.$title,
“ContentType” , “text/plain; charset=utf-8”,
“Charset” ,’utf-8′,
“HistoryType” , “EmailCustomer”,
“HistoryComment” , “Auto generated via PHP”,
“Body” , $body,
“UserID” , 1,
“NoAgentNotify” , 0,
“MimeType” , “text/html”,
“Loop” , 0

echo “<br>”;

$TicketNr = $client->__soapCall(“Dispatch”,
array($username, $password,
“TicketObject”, “TicketNumberLookup”,
“TicketID”, $TicketID,






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