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Configuration for Master 1 – In your my.cnf file (on Debian 5 it’s located at /etc/mysql/my.cnf, on CentOS/RHEL 5 it’s at /etc/my.cnf) add the following: server-id=1 log-bin=mysql-bin port=3306 max_allowed_packet=256M binlog_do_db= DatabaseName expire_logs_days = 20 max_binlog_size = 500M auto_increment_increment = ...

How to enable realtime voice messages in Asterisk?

Introduction This is blog is to introduce realtime voice messages in your existing Asterisk setup. The main benefits of using realtime voice messages is as following: Easy management of voice messages and voicemail greetings from centralized location i.e. database. If ...

Install MySQL on Windows

Download from ( Download the latest version of MySQL Community Server. There are several variants. Download the mysql-essential x64 version. Run the MySQL installer. Click Next. Choose “Custom”. Click Next. Change the install folder location to c:\mysql. Click OK. Click ...